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English Language Summer Courses for kids 17 to 7 years old

Education Tourism Our English language holidays gives your kids the chance to learn and improve their English language proficiency, Information Technology and study skills in a vibrant English speaking environment.

Education Tourism Another important element of Camp Beaumont’s English language holidays is the element of study skills provided. Students are encouraged to think about how they organise their studies so they can learn more quickly and efficiently Our summer English course teaches them how to note down, categorise and store new information, making it easier to remember and review. They learn how to structure talks or written pieces coherently and how to look for patterns in word and sentence structures.

Education Tourism This will prove invaluable for their studies in the future. By the end of their stay at Camp Beaumont, students will have improved their English language at every level, grown in confidence and be more prepared for future study For more information please contact us

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